September 2010: BoneXpert presented at ESPE in Prague

Visiana presented the BoneXpert product at the meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology (ESPE) in Prague 21-25 Sep. More than 100 delegates received a demonstration of the BoneXpert Windows program and registered for a free trial of 5 analyses.

This was the first time Visiana presented a new way of running BoneXpert, as a plug-in for PACS, i.e. directly integrated in the work-flow in radiology. In other words, instead of installing BoneXpert on a separate PC and moving the images from radiology to the PC, BoneXpert is installed directly inside PACS where the images reside. A new Dicom image is produced with the bone age information superimposed as an annotation. The radiology IT-responsible person should contact Visiana for details on how to implement this option.