This version is used for research studies or clinical trials, where large amounts of images have been collected. The images are placed on the local computer or server, and the Standalone version can then analyse all images in a directory in one batch and place the results in a text file, which can be imported e.g. in Excel for statistical analysis. This version is not practical for daily clinical use, because the transfer of images needs be performed manually for each image, e.g. on a CD-ROM. However, some private clinics with very few images per year (e.g. 20) or without a PACS find this version effective; it is easy to install and does not require any network configuration.


System requirements


BoneXpert 3.0+
Operating Systems Windows 7 or newer
Screen resolution At least 1024 x 768
Memory 4 GB Ram
Hard drive 3 GB Space
Software requirements .NET Framework 4.5:
Network settings Enabled internet with open port: 443 (default for HTTP Secure)
Connected to your PACS over the local network