The BoneXpert Online is a web-based application designed for qualified healthcare providers without PACS. It can be accessed from any PC without the necessity for installation and configuration.




A single image can be analysed by dragging it into the browser or selecting it from computer files. Prior to bone age analysis on a BoneXpert Server, the hand image is anonymised. The user's personal information is securely stored on their computer, merging with the anonymised image once the payment is complete. An example of a completed analysis is provided below:

BoneXpert Online provides bone age analysis on a per-analysis payment basis. We accept payments through PayPal and all major credit cards. Contact us to purchase prepaid analysis credits. If you are a healthcare professional, you can apply for a free trial for BoneXpert Online and we will get back to you shortly.

System requirements


BoneXpert Online
Operating Systems Windows XP or newer
Browser Chrome version 85+
Firefox version 60+
Microsoft Edge version 80+
Screen resolution At least 1024 x 768
Memory 4 GB Ram
Network settings Enabled internet