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Bone age can be automatically measured from a child's hand X-ray by the BoneXpert software. BoneXpert delivers precise and standardised readings, thus overcoming the problem of considerable reader variability of manual ratings.

Leading paediatric radiology departments have integrated BoneXpert seamlessly in their workflow. This provides better input to the physician's diagnosis, gives more accurate adult height prediction, and more optimal treatment. In addition, clinics now have an improved workflow and treat patients quicker as bone age is provided by BoneXpert as soon as the X-ray is recorded.

Running on existing hardware and paid per analysis, BoneXpert is cost-effective from day one. Doctors are relieved from time-consuming manual ratings, leading to more time for patient care.

BoneXpert Core Values



BoneXpert is autonomous rather than just assisting. This level of ambition is crucial for delivering real value of AI, safely relieving the radiologist from tedious work. BoneXpert automatically rejects the image if the safe interpretation is not guaranteed.

Many of the radiologists using BoneXpert, are still looking at the hand image to check for signs of anatomical anomaly, and occasionally checking the bone age assessment.




BoneXpert was trained on 30.000 X-rays, and its agreement with the average of six manual raters is excellent, with a mean absolute deviation of only 4.1 months.

BoneXpert has been validated across hospitals, modality brands and populations (Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, African).

20 peer-reviewed publications document the clinical evaluation, including studies the of the accuracy of adult height prediction based on bone age.




BoneXpert explains the overall bone age as the averaging over the annotated bones, like a human rater would do.

For each bone, BoneXpert displays the boundary, which substantiates the analysis, e.g. the relative width of the epiphysis is a crucial maturity indicator.

A separate bone age value is given for the carpals, which are known to respond differently to sex steroids.




Bone Age Application Areas

Clinical Use

Installed in the radiology department and serving mainly paediatric endocrinology and orthopedics

Clinical Trials

Academic research or drug trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies

Sports Medicine

Talent identification and prevention of injuries


Planning the timing of treatment

Used by over 200 clinics