What do PACS admins say about BoneXpert?

A survey among 33 PACS administrators gives BoneXpert Server good marks

It has been said that it is hard to integrate “AI systems” in the radiology workflow. However, this is not the experience with BoneXpert Server.

A survey among PACS administrators among the 150 hospitals running BoneXpert was conducted. A total of 33 PACS administrators responded to the survey, and 75% replied that BoneXpert is easy to install, and 91% said that BoneXpert is easy to maintain.

Visiana’s flagship product BoneXpert Server is a Windows service that the PACS administrator installs on a local PC or a Virtual Machine in the PACS environment. BoneXpert Server is configured as a DICOM node for the PACS. Children’s hand X-rays are pushed to BoneXpert from a modality or from PACS. Within a few seconds, BoneXpert Server returns an annotated image including bone age measurements to the relevant patient study in PACS.

A summary of the survey is included below.

How much do you agree to the following statement



How much time did you spend installing and configuring BoneXpert?

Who installed BoneXpert?

I or someone in my department installed BoneXpert:  85 %

What issues did you face when installing and configuring BoneXpert?

I faced no issues 48 %
The installation of the software on the PC was difficult 3 %
Finding a PC / Virtual Machine suitable for BoneXpert 6 %
Getting the 'green light' from management to do the installation 3 %
The overall installation was time-consuming 0 %
Establishing internet connection 12 %
Configuring BoneXpert to connect with PACS 21 %
Concerns about IT security delayed the installation 15 %
Other 15 %

Did you need to contact the PACS provider to do the installation?

No 67 %

How useful is the included BoneXpert documentation?

What issues are you facing in operating BoneXpert?

Are hand x-ray images sent directly from the modality to BoneXpert?

Yes 33 %
No, images are sent from PACS
64 %

How much time do you and/or your colleagues spend on supporting Bonexpert users per month?

We sincerely appreciate when customers take time to answer our surveys like this one. It contributes to product improvements and in turn also greater customer satisfaction.

If you are not already a customer and would like to learn more about BoneXpert server, see below links for reading more or scheduling a product demo

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