Auckland Radiology Group become the first private radiology clinic in New Zealand to adopt BoneXpert

Auckland Radiology Group – Auckland’s largest independent radiology provider – has become the first private radiology clinic in New Zealand to adopt BoneXpert’s AI software-based medical device for automated bone age and adult height prediction.

ARG provides 16 specialist radiology branches throughout greater Auckland and is known for its investment in state-of-the-art imaging technology, ensuring accurate and advanced diagnostic capabilities for patients.

Dr. David Dow (Shareholding Radiologist) and Ariel McGrigor (IT Business Partner) have led ARG’s efforts to test BoneXpert in practice.

When asked about the impact BoneXpert has had so far, Dr. Dow stated that “the integration of BoneXpert into the Auckland Radiology Group diagnostic imaging worklist, coupled with our specialist radiologist interpretations of patient bone age, promises to enhance efficiency for radiologist workflow and for patients.”

Ariel McGrigor, IT Business Partner at RHCNZ, managed the installation of BoneXpert’s AI software and the connection with PACS.

Ariel said “the BoneXpert application was incredibly easy to setup.  I had it downloaded, installed and AE configured and images routing to it from our PACS and returning the work ups within minutes.”
Regarding the configuration, Ariel said that “after testing BoneXpert on a few cases with our radiologists, we had the settings dialed in to their specifications and it was part of our production workflow seamlessly.”

Ariel also commented on BoneXpert’s ability to work with multiple sites and multiple PACS systems across a network. Ariel said “on top of this, the multi-PACS tenant configuration options show the developers have thought through many potential use cases and we are likely to put that to good use across the wider organisation.”

ARG is part of RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group, New Zealand’s leading private radiology provider, with more than 140+ specialist radiologists. RHCNZ is spread across 74 nationwide clinics, delivering world-class radiology locally.