December 2009: Dr. David Martin receives the Jürgen-Bierich Prize for work on adult height prediction

The paediatrician Dr. David Martin (36) of the Children’s University Hospital in Tübingen received the Jürgen Bierich Prize of 5,000 Euros of the German Society of Endocrinology at the APE/SPED meeting in Kiel in November

He was awarded the prize for the development of a fully automated method for the determination of skeletal maturity of a child and an associated evidence-based mathematical model for predicting adult height, which replaces a 60 years old method. The work was carried out with the Danish physicist Hans Henrik Thodberg, and the new method opens up new avenues in research and clinical practice.
The Jürgen Bierich Award is the highest award in Pediatric Endocrinology in Germany (APE & SPED)

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