April 2020: BoneXpert in Chile

Clínica Alemana in Santiago, Chile, has been a customer of Visiana since 2018, performing 5900 BoneXpert analyses per year. The clinic took initiative to perform an independent validation study of BoneXpert’s GP bone age assessment, and this was published in Revista chilena de pediatría:

The conclusion of this work is that “Automated bone age assessment using the BoneXpert® software allows for a standardized, low- variability, and highly consistent assessment of bone age compared to manual reading by pediatric radiologists”.

Diario Financiero, the Chilean economic newspaper, has also interviewed radiologists and chief physicians to learn more about how artificial intelligence has optimized speed and accuracy of the workflow at Clinica Alemana. The full article can be found on the newspaper’s website at (in Spanish, registration needed): https://www.df.cl/noticias/empresas/salud/el-sistema-de-inteligencia-artificial-que-optimiza-la-determinacion-de/2020-01-23/154136.html