BoneXpert Online: Automated bone age in your browser

BoneXpert for automated bone age assessment is installed in more than 150 hospital clinics and the system has performed more than 500.000 bone age measurements in clinical use. BoneXpert is validated in more than 20 peer-reviewed publications and has become the standard application for bone age measurements.

Based on this extensive experience, we are now introducing BoneXpert Online.

BoneXpert Online is a web-based application available on any PC with connected to the internet. No installation or configuration is required – a first-of-its-kind in AI for radiology.

The application uses the same image processing and bone age assessment models as has been developed, refined and validated during more than 10 years.

BoneXpert Online allows every trained Health Care Professional to perform bone age analyses in their own facilities for immediate results and an improved patient experience.

The application is aimed at health care clinics without a PACS system: paediatrics, general practitioners, sports and performance medicine, odontologists, forensic medicine etc.

The core values of BoneXpert are Autonomous, Accurate and Explained.

The workflow is intuitive and straight-forward in three main steps:

BoneXpert Online will be officially launched later in 2020. However, as a health care professional, you can access the pre-release application from today:

We would like to thank our clients and partners for continuous feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Visiana also wants to thank Innovation Fund Denmark for their grant support for the concept development of BoneXpert Online.