August 2020: New bone age reference curves from Mexico

A new independent study has been published with bone age reference curves for healthy Mexican children

The paper is from Hospital Infantil de México and is published in Endocrine Research with América Liliana Miranda-Lora as corresponding author.

Link to paper

The study recruited 923 healthy children from public and private schools in Mexico City between 2017 and 2018. Bone age (BA) was determined with BoneXpert. The average BA–Age versus Age – the so-called bone age reference curves – are shown here.

The figure compares the Mexican curves with the reference curves for Hispanics sampled from Los Angeles schools in 1990. The shape is similar, but bone ages are on average 0.3 years higher in Los Angeles; this could be attributed to California being a more affluent society with different nutrition.

These new reference curves increase the clinical usefulness of BoneXpert in Mexico. The online[Adult Height Predictor and BA SDS calculator, allows one to select Mexican population, and when typing in Age and BA, it computes the BA SDS value using the new Mexican reference curve.

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