Video on AI in radiology

Professor Bram van Ginneken gave a great talk at ECR 2018 about the role of AI in radiology – watch the video here

If you have attended more than one radiology conference over the last two years, you will be pretty tired of listening to talks about AI in Radiology. They all tend to give the same view. They start by quoting Geoff Hinton’s “we should stop training radiologists right now” to expose how ridiculous such a view is, and they conclude by the question “Will AI replace radiologists?” followed by the answer “No, but rads who use AI will replace those who don’t”.

It is therefore refreshing to listen to Bram van Ginneken’s recent talk at ECR 2018, where he courageously presents what might be an inconvenient truth for some radiologists: Yes, there will inevitably be radiology tasks taken over completely by computers. Now that the spirit is out of the bottle, he can pursue a balanced discussion about which tasks will be automated and at what pace. He also conveys a much-needed global perspective – quote: “There are no radiologists in Zambia”. Enjoy the video

AI and Radiologists: a Painful Divorce? from bramvanginneken on Vimeo.