September 2014: BoneXpert presented at ESPE in Dublin

Prof. Dr. David Martin will talk about The BoneXpert methods for fully automated assessment of skeletal maturity (bone age) and adult height prediction BoneXpert in the session  New technological aids in clinical pediatric endocrinology on Sep. 18 at ESPE in Dublin (16:00-16:30 in Liffey Hall 2)

David Martin has conducted extensive research on the development, validation and clinical application of automated bone age determination at Tubingen University since 2007, and has been invited to give a balanced account of the method.

The P1 poster session on Sep. 19 presents a new BoneXpert study How precisely can we measure increments of bone age and Bone Health Index with an automated method in boys with Klinefelter syndrome? by Thodberg, Bardsley, Gosek and Ross, based on a unique study at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. This study recorded hand X-rays of both hands at five visits for treated and untreated Klinefelter boys. This allows the hithertoo most elegant determination of the precision of BoneXpert: Bone age precision SD is found to be 0.12 years, and BHI precision 1.7%. This demonstrates the method to be a very powerful tool for monitoring of the effect of treatment on maturation and bone health in various therapies.

As usual, BoneXpert is present in the ESPE exhibition ready to describe the practical adoption of the method in clinical practice as well as in clinical studies.