September 2019: BoneXpert version 3.0 released

The long-awaited version 3.0 of BoneXpert is now rolling out to all customers.
It represents the most significant update, since BoneXpert's launch 10 years ago.

The main features are:

  1. Improvement of the accuracy of the bone age measurement
  2. Carpal bone age determination
  3. Bone age and BHI determination down to age zero
  4. Fewer rejections of images and more accurate localisation of the bones

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October 2018: BoneXpert in 135 hospitals

BoneXpert has been licensed to several major children’s hospitals in Italy, culminating with the sales to the largest children’s hospital in Europe Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome, run by the Vatican City. The number of sites having purchased a license to BoneXpert is now 135

November 2016: Automated bone age extended up to 19 years

The upcoming release of BoneXpert version 2.4 (version, released Dec 28) extends the Greulich-Pyle bone age range up to 19 years for boys and 18 years for girls. Previous versions were less reliable in the bone age range 17-19 for boys and 15-18 for girls. The validation of this extension is reported in the International Journal of Legal Medicine.

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